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The Pensacola Rose Society would like to share articles written by Henry Seiler and published in The Pensacola Rose, our monthly newsletter, from January through December 2008.

For these 12 articles, Henry Seiler received the Award of Merit from The American Rose Society for the Rose Growing Series published in The Pensacola Rose.  The Award of Merit is the top award for outstanding rose articles published in the local, district and specialty bulletins.

Thank you Henry Seiler for granting permission to reproduce and share these outstanding articles.

While some products mentioned in the 2008 articles have been discontinued and newer products have come on the market, these articles contain expert, practical information still practiced today.

Lesco/John Deere is now SITE ONE, located @ 540 Michigan Avenue, Pensacola, FL, 32505 and their telephone number is (850)434-5475.

Barnes Feed Store on Palafox, has changed owners and no longer carries the extensive products as in 2008.

Plant-Tone or Rose-Tone by Espoma is now available at most garden centers (Home Depot, Lowes, & Walmart).

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